Feah Whitening Beauty Cream 50g

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Feah Whitening Beauty Cream 50g

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4 reviews for Feah Whitening Beauty Cream 50g

  1. darline

    I ordered twice from this seller had a great experience she is very honest & reliable 🙂 she wrapped my items well and even gave something extra when you order multiple items I recommend her store first time buying the AWA hope it works will leave review after anyway love this shop

  2. shanisha21

    Just started using this soap. I’m already enjoying the benefits. It lathers very well and cleans my skin very well. Looking forward to seeing some of my blemishes clear up. Based off of the other reviews and the ingredients of this soap im positive my blemishes will lighten or clear up. The shipping was immediate and quick. The items were securely packaged. I am pleased, and will be back.

  3. emman742

    I love this soap, it lathers very well, it smells good, and I noticed a difference right away my in skin tone, I’m 1-2 shades lighter. I will definitely purchase again.

  4. Spark

    Let me first say I love the way this seller package this product. Purchase same product a week earlier from another seller on here (won’t say her name) I’ll just let God deal with her scamming behind, and it came in mail open and dirty so threw away asap. This item was well sealed properly and was hard to open. Thank you seller- I will always choose you when I order again.

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