B.B Clear Whitening Body Lotion 5 in 1


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B.B.Clear combines de-pigmenting plant-base ingredients with exfoliating efficiency  of fruity acids. it improves the appearance of skin and help repair dark spots and sun damage for younger-looking, silky skin. it lighten your skin while revitalizes and makes it smooth and beautiful radiance. Adapted to all skin typesAHA BB whitening body milk has been especially created to give you rapidly a clear and even complexion. Its unique and specific formula, enriched with antioxidant carrot extract, it eliminates effectively all hyper pigmentation brown spots, while insuring your skin sweetness and flexibility. You will get a unified, beautiful and bright skin. Use: Apply twice daily BB Clear whitening body milk after your bath. Mass delicately to make penetrate. For external use.· An intensive concentrated skin care intended for black, coloured & asian skin· Harmonie Reparateur Multi Vitamin Strong Lotion with Carrot Oil· With Carrot it makes your skin Glow Intense & Toning Beauty Milk· Lait action taches Intensive concentrated Body Care· Intense Adavanced Lightening Carrot Oil Toning Milk With Vitamins


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