Acne whitening face cream and the soap. Acne super treatment set

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Acne whitening face cream and the soap. Acne super treatment set

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4 reviews for Acne whitening face cream and the soap. Acne super treatment set

  1. Sign in with Apple user

    I recieve it today, and I use it now , after 3 days I will let us know . If I see result , I gonna write another review ??????

  2. Penelope Ferrer

    I loved it?smells like alcohol or smth but thats fine:)

  3. Spark

    Let me first say I love the way this seller package this product. Purchase same product a week earlier from another seller on here (won’t say her name) I’ll just let God deal with her scamming behind, and it came in mail open and dirty so threw away asap. This item was well sealed properly and was hard to open. Thank you seller- I will always choose you when I order again.

  4. Ganiyat Egberongbe

    the cream is well sealed to avoid spilling and the shipping is unbelievable fast and am satisfied with my order.

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