Portuguese Marriage Traditions

Portuguese Marriage Traditions

A spanish marriage is a joy filled and celebratory event that usually includes a variety of classic dance and meal. It is also common for the few to contain a couple current practices as well. The meeting typically takes place in a chapel and incorporates several Catholic rites. One of the most unique practices is the “arras”, in which the man https://www.nytimes.com/2023/01/12/style/dating-classes-texting.html presents thirteen gold or silver pennies to his bride as a symbol of his devotion to her and their future collectively.

It is also very common for the wife to select a Madrinha, or Maid of honor, and the Groom to choose a Padrinho, or Best Gentleman. These two people are expected to enable the few through any marital difficulties and enjoy with them on their particular time. It is also a tradition for the bride and groom to offer their families presents in the form of income or household goods that they will need throughout their wedded life.

Once the wedding ceremony is over, close relatives and friends are invited to a reception portuguese brides for the bride and groom. They are usually served a large meal of traditional Portuguese dishes and drinks like caldo verde ( green soup ), stuffed chicken or pork, roasted potatoes, and queijadas. During the party, guests traditionally toast the couple with wine.

During this time it is also customary for the groom to send someone to ask for the bride’s father’s permission to marry his daughter. This was an important step as it indicated that the family fully approved of the marriage and was behind it 100 %.

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